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Isolierung seltener Einzelzellen: zirkulierende Tumorzellen (CTCs) und fetale Zellen mit dem ALS CellCelector (vormals AVISO CellCelector)

  • Szczerba, B. et al. Neutrophils escort circulating tumour cells to enable cell cycle progression Nature 566: 553-557 (2019)

  • Gkountela, S. et al. Circulating Tumor Cell Clustering Shapes DNA Methylation to Enable Metastasis Seeding Cell 176 (1-2): 98-112.e14 (2019)
  • Nelep, C. et al. Automated rare single cell picking with the ALS CellCelector Cytometry Part A, cyto.a.23568. [Epub ahead of print] 2018
  • Agerbaek, M.O. et al. The VAR2CSA malaria protein efficiently retrieves circulating tumor cells in an EpCAM-independent manner Nature Commun. 9(1):3279 2018
  • Krol, I. et al. Detection of circulating tumour cell clusters in human glioblastoma British Journal of Cancer 2018
  • Giannopoulou, L. et al. Liquid biopsy in ovarian cancer: recent advances on circulating tumor cells and circulating tumor DNA (Review)  Clin. Chem.Lab. Med. Epub 2017  
  • Kølvraa, S. et al. Genome-wide copy number analysis on DNA from fetal cells isolated from the blood of pregnant women  Prenat. Diagn. 2016  
  • Ma Y. et al. Droplet Digital PCR Based Androgen Receptor Variant 7 (AR-V7) Detection from Prostate Cancer Patient Blood Biopsies Int. J. Mol. Sci. 2016 
  • Neumann M.H. et al. Isolation and characterization of circulation tumor cells using a novel  workflow combining CellSearch® and CellCelectorTM Biotechnol Prog. 2016 
  • Blassl C. et al. Gene expression profiling of single circulating tumor cells in ovarian cancer - Establishment of a multi-marker gene panel Molecular Oncology 2016
  • Schneck H. et al. EpCAM-Independent Enrichment of Circulating Tumor Cells in Metastatic Breast Cancer PLoS One 2015 
  • Lohr, G.J. et al. Whole-exome sequencing of circulating tumor cells provides a window into metastatic prostate cancer Nature Biotechnology 2014 
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  • Adalsteinsson, V.A. et al. Single cells from human primary colorectal tumors exhibit polyfunctional heterogeneity in secretions of ELR + CXC chemokines Integr. Biol. (Cam.) 2013 


  • Lampignano, R. et al. The combination of ParsortixTM and CellCelectorTM enables the characterisation of EpCAMneg CTCs in breast cancer Poster ISMRC 2016 Hamburg
  • Neumann, M. et al. CellCelector isolation of CTCs enables additional marker staining followed by panel sequencing Poster ISMRC 2016 Hamburg
  • Neumann, M. et al. CellCelector and CellSearch combined workflow Poster ACTC 2014 Crete
  • Voigt, K. et al. Single cell sequencing of rare cells after magnetic enrichment Poster ISRMC 2013 Paris
  • Berger, T. et al. Detection and characterization of CTCs in patients with hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC) Poster DGHO 2013 Vienna



Einzelzell-Isolierung (andere) mit dem ALS CellCelector (vormals AVISO CellCelector)

  • Baron, C.S. et al. Single-cell transcriptomics reveal the dynamic of haematopoietic stem cell production in aorta Nature Commun. 9(1):2517 2018
  • Wang, J. et al. Single cell sequencing: a distinct new field Clinical and Translational Medicine 2017 
  • Ku, C.J. et al. GATA3 abundance is a critical determinant of T cell receptor beta allelic exclusion Mol Cell Biol. 2017
  • Dura, B. et al. Longitudinal multiparameter assay of lymphocyte interactions from onset by microfluidic cell pairing and culture PNAS 113(26): E3599-608 2016
  • Liao, M.C. et al. Single-Cell Detection of Secreted Aß and sAPPa from Human IPSC-Derived Neurons and Astrocytes J. Neurosci. 2016 
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  • Wuethrich, I. et al. A Mouse Monoclonal Antibody Against Alexa Fluor 647 Monoclonal Antibodies in Immunodiagnosisand Immuntherapy 2014 
  • Kluth, S.M. et al. Increased Haematopoietic Supportive Function of USSC from Umbilical Cord Blood Compared to CB MSC and Possible Role of DLK-1 Stem cells Int. 2013
  • Sendra, V.G. et al. Detection and isolation of auto-reactive human antibodies from primary B cells Methods 2013 
  • Varadarajan, N. et al. High-throughput single-cell analysis of human CD8+ T cell functions reveals discordance for cytokine secretion and cytolysis J. Clin. Invest. 2011 
  • Choi, J.H. et al. Development and optimization of a process for automated recovery of single cells identified by microengraving Biotechnol. Prog. 2010 


  • Wagner, K. et al. Selection of reference genes for quantitative PCR of single cells Poster STS 2011



Isolierung adhärenter Kolonien (Stammzellen etc.) mit dem ALS CellCelector (vormals AVISO CellCelector)

  • Segerman, A. et al. Clonal Variation in Drug and Radiation Response among Glioma-Initiating Cells Is Linked to Proneural-Mesenchymal Transition Cell Rep. 2016
  • Cohen, I.S. et al. DNA lesion identity drives choice of damage tolerance pathway in murine cell chromosomes Nucl. Acid Res. 2015 
  • Shipony, Z. et al. Dynamic and static maintenance of epigenetic memory in pluripotent and somatic cells Nature 2014 
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  • Zoldan, K. et al. Automated harvest of induced pluripotent stem cell colonies and colony fractions using the cell separation robot CellCelectorTM nature methods application notes 2010 
  • Zoldan, K. et al. Automated isolation of semi-adherent macrophage-like cells from a fibroblast-contaminated culture using the cell separation robot CellcelectorTM nature methods application notes 2010 
  • Haupt, S. et al. Automated selection and harvesting of pluripotent stem cell colonies using the CellCelector Nature Methods 2009 
  • Schneider, A. et al. "The good into the pot, the bad into the crop!" - a new technology to free stem cells from feeder cells PLoS One 2008 
  • Peterbauer, T. et al. Simple and versatile methods for fabrication of arrays of live mammalian cells Lab on a Chip 2006 


  • Planes, E. et al. Life Cell Imaging for Quality Control of Pluripotent Stem Cell Culture Poster ISSCR 2013 Boston



Protein- und Antikörperforschung mit dem ALS CellCelector (vormals AVISO CellCelector)

  • Vaniotis, G. et al. Enhanced anti-metastatic bioactivity of an IGF-TRAP re-engineered to improve physicochemical properties Scientific Reports 8:17361 2018
  • Zoldan, K. et al. Automated clonal selection of high-producing hybridoma colonies from methylcellulose-based, semi-solid medium using the cell separation robot CellCelectorTM nature methods application notes 2010
  • Caron A.W. et al. Fluorescent labeling in semi-solid medium for selection of mammalian cells secreting high-levels of recombinant proteins (CHO) BMC Biotechnol. 2009 
  • Julien, A. et al. Antigen specific antibody-producing clones selected by isotypes Biosystems International Application Note 


  • Gilbert, R. Fluorescent labeling in Semi-Solid Medium to Identify High Expressing Clones for Recombinant Protein Production (CHO) CHI's Bioprocessing Summit Presentation, Boston 2011 



Zellbeobachtung mit dem ALS CellCelector (vormals AVISO CellCelector)

  • Zoldan, K. et al. Visualizing of migration, interaction, proliferation or differentation of cells in time lapse exposures using the cell separation robot CellCelectorTM nature methods application notes 2010
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